Rancho (RS7405) RS7000MT Steering Stabilizer

Rancho (RS7405) RS7000MT Steering Stabilizer

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1.97-in. (50mm) body diameter
Delivers both performance and appearance
Monotube design with high pressure nitrogen gas charge

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Rancho RS7000MT Monotube Steering Stabilizers enhance a vehicles performance and are ideal for off roading, towing and street applications. Utilizing Monotube Technology, Rancho Steering Stabilizers help reduce wheel shimmy, bump steer, and vibration while tightening up steering performance by damping the tie rod to the axle. The shock was engineered for Jeeps and trucks running oversized tires and wheels. RS7000MT Steering Stabilizers, built from the foundation of the Rancho RS7000 series shock, can help reduce on- and off-road driver fatigue. The series is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Rancho RS7000MT Monotube Shock Absorber


The Rancho RS7000MT Monotube Shock Absorber is specifically engineered for high center-of-gravity light trucks and SUVs to provide the handling, control, and performance expected from Rancho shock absorbers. These shocks provide enhanced stability over stock twin tubes by reducing body roll in evasive maneuvers and tight turns. These shocks feature a high-pressure gas charge that separates the unit’s internal oil and nitrogen to provide additional spring rate. This helps to maximize damping response that dissipates heat for better control. To further enhance ride control characteristics, Rancho RS7000MT monotube shocks include a hydraulic lockout to cushion the impact as the vehicle suspension is fully extended.

Key Features
  • 1.97-in. (50mm) body diameter with 14mm chrome rod
  • Monotube design with high pressure nitrogen gas charge
  • Ten-stage velocity sensitive valving
  • Off-Road Fluon-banded piston
  • Black natural rubber bushings
  • Protective boot included
  • Brushed and zinc-plated with clear-coated finish
  • 46mm bore monotube construction


Superior shock absorption for the road ahead
Extra Protection for an Extra Long Life

A protective boot is included for added protection for the shock rod and oil seal.

Delivers Both Performance and Appearance

The 1.97-in. (50mm) body diameter performs without sacrificing appearance.

Brushed and Zinc-Plated with Clear-Coated Finish

The Rancho RS7000MT features a premium, long lasting finish.

Off-Road Fluon-Banded Piston

The Fluon banding in the RS7000MT piston provides a consistent seal between the piston and pressure tube.

Ideal for Larger Light Trucks, SUVs and More

The 46mm bore monotube construction is designed for larger models of light trucks and SUVs.

Ten-Stage Velocity Sensitive Valving

The ten-stage velocity sensitive valving provides tuning specific for each vehicle.

Monotube Design

The monotube design with high pressure nitrogen gas charge provides quicker damping response time.

Enhanced Durability

Black natural rubber bushings enhance durability and reduce road harshness.

Shock Data and Specifications

Need to know more? Click here for a data sheet with technical specifications.

1.97-in. (50mm) body diameter
Delivers both performance and appearance
Monotube design with high pressure nitrogen gas charge
Quicker damping response time
Brushed and zinc plated with a clear coated finish