Proform 66256 Black Powdercoated High-Torque Starter

Proform 66256 Black Powdercoated High-Torque Starter Price: $141.97 (as of 09/07/2018 22:19 PST- Details)

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12 V 1.4 KW Motor, 11:1 Comp.High-torque, gear-reduction design. 100% New, not rebuilt. Offset design results in more clearance between the oil pan and the starter, and can be rotated for additional chassis clearance. The high-torque, high-output motor spins the engine over faster than stock starters, delivering 40-50% more cranking power. 3.75-to-1 sealed gear-reduction drive and full ball bearing construction. Includes shims to set pinion-gear engagement (when necessary). Approved by all leading sanctioning organizations.Fits all Chevy V 6 and small and big block V 8 engines using 153 or 168 tooth flywheels. Heavy-duty Proform P/N 66258 weighs 1-1/2 lbs. more and is 1 longer than P/N 66256.