Peake Research BMW Engine Code Tool 2001 to 2007 (R5-FCX3-16)

Peake Research BMW Engine Code Tool 2001 to 2007 (R5-FCX3-16) Price: $139.99 (as of 10/07/2018 01:22 PST- Details)

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BMW owners and technicians today are facing the urgent need to read and reset BMWs unique factory engine fault codes and lights. This requires a NON-OBDII tool, such as the low cost R5/FCX3 from Peake Research, which will read and reset factory dealer codes and reset BMWs unique dash lights, like the Oilservice – Inspection and engine lights.

Why is “NON-OBDII” so important? There is a huge difference between OBDII codes and the highly specific factory codes. The R5/FCX3 accesses BMWs vast array of factory diagnostic, analysis and repair codes enjoyed by BMW dealers, where OBDII tools and the misleadingly named Manufacturer Specific OBDII tools simply will not. Keep in mind, BMW did not go beyond the governments most narrow and basic legal requirement for OBDII code reading in their cars. Therefore OBDII code readers are of virtually no value outside the realm of smog testing. If your aim is to reset BMWs unique brand of dash lights, repair, pinpoint and analyze, there is no substitute for factory capable tools like the R5/FCX3 made by Peake Research Corporation.

Connect, Select & Go! Taking less than 30 seconds to use, the R5/FCX3 requires no batteries, no additional cables, no connectors, no laptop, no software to learn, no special interfaces or downloads. It can only be plugged into one spot, one way. It is truly fool proof – compares in ease with checking your oil, pumping your own gas, etc.


Affordable Priced similar to a dealers diagnostic fee
Compact Fits in your glove box
Reads the full range of BMW Proprietary factory engine codes specific to your car not misleading OBDII codes
Resets “Check Engine” and “Service Engine Soon”
Resets the Oilservice and Inspection mileage reminders.
Very easy to use takes less than 30 seconds
Includes easy to read code chart and instruction manual
90-Day Manufacturer’s Parts & Labor Warranty