Midtronics (MDX-P300) Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

Midtronics (MDX-P300) Battery and Electrical System Analyzer

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Battery/Starting/Charging System Tester and Printer Patented Conductance Battery Testing, Starting / Charging System Testing AND Printing All In One Product! Tests automotive passenger car and light truck batteries and starting / charging systems:

    Tests discharged batteries Test Batteries from 100 to 1400 CCA’s Bad Cell Detection Captures Starting / Charging System voltage Reverse Polarity Indication Tests regular, AGM, & Gel Batteries – tests all batteries on today`s vehicles. Tests discharged batteries with as little as 8 volts – battery does not have to be charged to perform test. Bad cell detection – just replace battery. Cannot be charged. Rating systems available – CCA / SAE / DIN / EN / IEC. Built In Printer – power for the printer comes from the vehicle battery. Tests starting & charging system providing the customer with a full system test.