Firestone W21-760-2430 Ride Rite Air Spring System

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Ride-Rite air helper springs mount between the frame and the suspension of light-trucks, vans, and motorhomes. The heavy-duty convoluted air springs will handle all leveling needs with load carrying capacities between 3,200-5,000 pounds per set. Ride-Rite air helper springs will level the vehicle front-to-rear and side-to-side, stabilize the vehicle while loaded, maximize vehicles load carrying capacity and features adjustability 5-100 Pascal per square inch. Each kit is weighed to ensure component count and each air spring is pressure tested before leaving the factory. Over 1 million cycle life test. It is ISO certified. Can be used on pick-Ups, class A,B,C motorhomes, vans, commercial vehicles and SUV’s. The Kit includes air springs, air line, fasteners, upper and lower brackets, inflation valves, push-to-connect air fittings and detailed instructions.