Car Care Tools DC 12V Polisher Auto Wax Polishing Machine

Car Care Tools DC 12V Polisher Auto Wax Polishing Machine Price: $120.00 (as of 11/07/2018 19:07 PST- Details)

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Description: Color:Red Voltage:DC 12V Current:5A Rotate Speed:3300RPM Lenght of Power Line:4M Weight:1.6kg Package Size:170*170*220mm Gorgeous Color,Ergonomic Design,Durable. Car wax polishing machine configuration dedicated 6-inch foam per minute 3300 work set to turn high-speed rotation, easy adjustment of pressure degrees, using the supplied wax mask / polish your car cover allows ease of bright as new. Safety Tips: The work should be wearing tight-fitting clothes, do not wear loose clothing, do not wear jewelry set, hair to be set into the cap. Work carefully before operating procedures. Insert the plug when the switch is closed, to ensure that. Maintain electrical stability. Using the wax before polishing pad must be based on the need to set into the wax in the hood, not directly on the body with a cushion, furniture, flooring, leather walls and other objects to be waxing polishing work.Otherwise it will damage the small button suck wax polishing machine cushion. Package Included: 1 X Car Polishing Machine Images are just for reference, there might not all variations be available! Consider if you don’t mind, before purchase. Our products are brand new and unused. But please note that they might werent manufactured with a sealing or shrink wrap.