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    Chemical Guys MB-3CD Metro MasterBlaster Industrial Dryer and Blower System – 8 hp

    The MasterBlaster has an 8.0 peak horsepower motor that blasts air at an impressive 58,500 feet per minute
    MasterBlaster comes with wheels for easy maneuvering around your vehicle or bike
    This blower is equipped with two twin turbine engines for two levels of velocity for super fast drying or blowing off smaller more fragile areas

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    Waterless RV Aircraft Boat Wax Mop Kit with Bug Scrubber / Mini Mop

    Faster Safer Easier Waterless Washing and Waxing system – No Ladder to Climb
    Makers of the 1st waterless Aircraft & RV wash now introduce the 1st waterless tool, the Wash Wax Mop
    Wash Anywhere – No Restrictions Specifically Designed for Waterless Washing & Waxing of large Vehicles, Patented two sided design – One WET & One DRY. Now you can waterless wash & wax with the reach and leverage of and extension pole.

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    Neiko 30105B 10 Piece Eraser Pads with 1 Adaptor

    Comes in 10 Pack
    1 Adaptor For Air Angle Erase Scuff Tool
    For use with air angle eraser

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    3M 05718 Perfect-It Back-Up Pad

    Specially designed backup pad for use with the 3M Superbuff Adapter (PN05710)
    Enables 3M Superbuff Compound Pad users to use the 3M Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad without having to remove the 3M Superbuff Adapter from the shaft of the polisher
    Fits all standard (5/8 in shaft) slow-speed polishers


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